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Venetian Plaster applications for home interiors.
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  The Art of Faux Bois. An art form that dates back thousands of years. Also known as Painted Wood, Faux Wood and Wood Graining, the need to replicate the look of wood has been explored and refined over time. In today's world the need seems even greater, even in New Jersey.

Due to the inability to even obtain many woods today, Wood Graining has become a necessity for home owners and Interior Designers and Decorators, as well as Builders and Architects in New Jersey NJ. Add the the various moldings available for homes today, the elegant styled detailed designs that are made with MDF, the need to match them to look like a particular wood that is in a room is a neccessary service. Many times, Wood Graining or Faux Bois is a great alternative when particular woods to match cabinetry are not available. The trim can be Grained to mimic the existing cabinets and built ins. Many buildings must have Fire Code doors, made of steel. If the rest of the room is say cherry, the door finished in a Faux Painted Cherry finish is just the answer to this problem. Builders can take advantage of the ability to mimic wood and thus repair scratches in cabinets and floors that inevitably happen during installation.

As a Decorative Finish on a door or table, Wood Graining applied in a decorative fashion, maybe using several different types together, is an excellent choice. Cabinets can also be wood grained to take on that particular look or feel.

As you browse through the samples, please take note to the attention to detail. Our Artisans strive to render Faux Grained Wood as accurately as possible, and not soo much as a fantasy or inaccurate display that comes from certain parts of the world. One of the key elements is the ability to have the Faux Finished Wood contain that reflective almost metallic property that real wood has.

Please select a finish from the samples on the right and it's larger format and description will appear on the left with the text shown below.


A beautiful Quarter Matched Cherry Wood rendering. A great idea for doors and trim, this Faux Wood Graining can be use in many aplications.
Faux Wood Graining as Old English Oak, in a Golden and a Pickled state. The style of oak here is in the older ring patterned oak not readily available today.
Supplies of Brazilian rosewood are very limited because of shortages, making it quite expensive. Thus it is an excellent choice for Faux Wood Graining.
When you think of a dark wood, you probably think of ebony. But there is one ebony that differs from the stark black of the rest of the Ebenaceae family. It is called macassar ebony, and it is a striking wood with high contrast between its gold and black streaks.
Burl and Crossband Mahogany
Birds Eye Maple and Satin Wood


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